Google Ads, which you can easily manage online, is a product you can use to promote your business, make your products or services reach more people, contribute to your awareness and drive more traffic to your website. As with every product, Google makes improvements for Google Ads with the aim of continuous improvement and offering better. Accordingly, Google Ads announced that its Ad Network Abuse Policy will be made brand new.

Updating Ad Network Abuse Policy

With the announcement made by Google on March 1, 2023, the Google Ads Ad Network Abuse Policy will be divided into 3 separate policies as of May 9, 2023 as malware, breaches and unwanted software. The update, which is scheduled to be completed within 4 weeks from the start date, will continue to apply the current malware policy until completion.

What Will Change?

Instead of the current Ad Network Abuse Policy, it is divided into 3 different main headings as malware, breaching sites and unwanted software. Let’s briefly explain these three separate titles and talk about their scope.

Mal Software

The malware policy is restricted to prevent the deliberate spread of malware that could potentially harm or gain unauthorized access to a computer, device or a network. Regardless of whether the malware is promoted on the Google advertising network, your malware-hosting site or app, or any ads it links to, are affected by these restrictions. A malware policy violation will be considered a serious violation with the update.

Breached Sites

Sites where there are cases where the code structure or the site/application is changed in a way that harms its users by providing it to a third party without the knowledge of the target user or owner, are considered as compromised sites. Ads are not allowed when there are compromised sites or hacked targets. When compromised sites are detected, you will receive a warning at least 7 days in advance, your ad account will not be suspended directly.

Unwanted Software

Targets and ads that violate the Google spam policy are not allowed. In case of violation of the unwanted software policy, the ad account will not be suspended without warning, at least 7 days’ notice will be sent.

To find out if your ads are covered by any of these violations, you should remove your potentially violating ads by the 9 May 2023 update date by reviewing the Google spam policy.

You can find the details of the ad network abuse here.